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Why you should choose Outcomes Therapy as your Occupational Therapist

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

So, your GP has referred you to an Occupational Therapist? You might be wondering what that means for your child, how it works (and what it costs). When it comes to the little people in our worlds, finding the right therapist to meet your needs can be a daunting task – but it doesn’t need to be.

What is occupational Therapy anway?

In a word, support. Occupational Therapists are focussed primarily on the use of everyday activities to develop, recover, improve as well as maintain the skills needed for daily living. Occupational Therapists (or OT’s) work with people of any age, including children or older people, in broad variety of situations including those who require supports to assist them with an Injury, illness, learning difficulties or even a disability. Sometimes OT’s are brought in to help identify strengths and challenges and help provide practical solutions, to help you maintain, improve or regain independence through these supports. At Outcomes Therapy we are focussed on providing supports for Children by taking a holisticview of their needs and working to provide supports to that outcome.

'Occupational Therapy is where science, creativity, and compassion collide' Jessica Kensky

Occupational Therapy for kids

Here at Outcomes Therapy, we have a heart for supporting these little, people particularly in developing confidence, self-esteem, social skills and general wellbeing in a holistic way to help them achieve their daily occupations that may include (but are not limited to) self-care, school and play.

Our points of difference:

  • We prioritise the training and development of our team members, ensuring they have enough time in their week to complete all required tasks and continue to learn the latest skills to deliver the best OT intervention for our families.

  • We work within a Neuroaffirming framework for children with developmental concerns designed to meet the child.

  • We work in a holistic way with all the important people in your child’s life wherepossible (parents, siblings, other therapists, school or childcare staff) so that goals we set together can be targeted more specifically and be reached more efficiently.

  • Our aim is to empower YOU to work with your child in easy and effective ways at home so that outcomes can be reached and problems solve more quickly.

  • We are flexible, our sessions may be clinic-based or mobile depending upon your needs (e.g., accessed in your home, Childcare or school)

  • We have extensive experience in assistive technology and equipment that your child may need.

  • We offer group programs so that your child can be amongst peers who are just like them.

Ready to take the leap?

We are here to help, if you are ready to connect with us check out our contact page here to submit an online form to request an appointment, or phone us on 1300 000 000. Learn more about our assessment process here, check out our fee structure here or read about our fantastic team here. No matter where you are in your OT journey, Outcomes Therapy is here to help.

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