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Why Choose Outcomes Therapy?

We prioritise the training and development of our team members, ensuring they have enough time in their week to complete all required task AND continue to learn the latest skills to deliver the best OT intervention for our families

We work within a Neuroaffirming framework for children with developmental concerns – we meet the child

We work in a holistic way with all the important people in the child’s life where possible (parents, siblings, other therapists, school or childcare staff) so that goals can be targeted more specifically and be reached more efficiently.


Our aim is to empower YOU to work with your child in easy and effective ways at home so that goals can be reached and problems solve more quickly.

Our sessions may be clinic-based or mobile depending upon your needs (e.g., accessed in your home, Childcare or school *)

We have extensive experience in assistive technology and equipment that your child may need.

We offer group programs so that your child can be amongst peers who are just like them.

We partner with a number of schools across the Moreton Bay regions to ensure that teaching and learning staff are up to date with knowledge on the conditions and difficulties they encounter in the classroom on a daily basis.

We offer a range of Professional Development sessions to schools, professionals and parents across Moreton Bay to upskill those in contact with children with additional needs on a daily basis.

Why Choose
Woman Tutoring Child

Individual Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is focused on using fun and engaging activities to work on success in the skills required to complete our daily activities or occupations.


An Occupation refers to all the tasks or activities that a person:

Wants to do (e.g., play, interests, hobbies, eat)


Is expected to do (e.g., reading, writing, academics, dress, toilet)


 These interventions may be focused on the following domains:

- cognitive and attention skills required to organise oneself, focus in the classroom and other environments, play, or work.

- social interaction skills to function within different environments, make and keep friends.

- fine motor skills for handwriting, dressing, self-care tasks.

- gross motor skills to join in with peers in sports, the playground, to navigate their environment and sit up on the mat at school.


Occupational Therapy Assistance

Our Occupational Therapy Assistants are 3rd and 4th (Final) Year Occupational Therapy students, who come to us with energy, enthusiasm, and a host of experience in what OT does.


Using an Outcomes Therapy OTA allows families to use their therapy budget more efficiently, as they can provide support in skills development (fine and gross motor), travel training, cooking skills, independence with self-care activities and social development, at a reduced cost – all whilst following the plan of your treating therapist.

Child in Air Yoga
Small Child with Large Glasses

Group Occupational Therapy Programs

As our team grows, Outcomes Therapy is hoping to focus on providing some holiday group programs for our families in the Moreton Bay Region. These will be facilitated by our Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants, and will be aimed at a number of common difficulties:

  • Prep for Prep (school readiness skills)

  • Social Skills and Communication (We Thinkers Program for 4-7 year olds)

  • Fine Motor Bootcamp

  • Food School (6’yo and under Food Therapy)

  • Food Scientists (Over 7’s Food Therapy)

Looking for Occupational Therapy?

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